Mads Hansen (2010)
Nation File:Flag of Norway.png Norway
Age 30
Position RW
Style Grinder
Overall 78
Height 1.75 m
Weight 69.0 kg
Handiness Left


Deflections Deking Off. Awareness Passing Puck Control Slap Shot Accuracy Slap Shot Power Wrist Shot Acuracy Wrist Shot Power
76 80 78 80 81 76 81 79 83
Aggressiveness Balance Checking Def. Awareness Discipline Faceoffs Shot Blocking Toughness
76 77 80 78 80 78 72 76
Acceleration Agility Durability Endurance Speed Poise
76 81 77 77 80 80

Season StatsEdit

No season stats available

Playoff StatsEdit

No playoff stats available

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